Date of Birth: 2 May 1975 in Kokkola, Finland
Nationality: Finnish


European Championship XCM,  Jablonne, CZE, 1st

Olympic Games London, RR 20th

Olympic Games London, ITT 11th



Riva del Garda, ronda piccola, ITA 1st

Singen XCM, Singen, GER 1st

Bühlertal Hillclimb, Bühlertal, GER, 1st

Bad Wildbad XCM, Bad Wildbad, GER, 1st

Birkebeinerrittet, Lillehammer, Norway, 1st

Skaidi Xtreme, Skaidi, Norway, 1st



Grand Prix El Salvador, 1.1, ESA, 11th

Vuelta El Salvador, 1.2, ESA, GC 9th

Stage 1 9th

Stage 2 10th

Stage 3 11th

Stage 4 15th

Stage 5 28th

Stage 6 11th

Grand Prix GSB, 1.1, ESA, 6th

Celtic Chrono, Belfast, IRL, 4th

RR Villingen Schwenningen, GER, 1st

RR Merdingen, GER, 2nd

Trans Alp Road, overall 1st

1st stage 1,2,3,4,6,7

2nd stage 5


XCM European Championship, Kleinzell, AUT, 1.

XCM World Championship, Montebelluna, ITA, 4.

Finnish Championship TT, Säkylä, 1.

Finnish Championship RR, Säkylä, 1.

World Championship ITT, Copenhagen, DEN, 20th

World Championship RR, Copenhagen, DEN, 35th

XCM Riva del Garda, ITA, 1.

XCO Wittnau, GER, 1.

RR, Geislingen, GER, 1.

Bühlertal Hillclimb MTB, GER, 1.

XCM Bad Wildbad, GER, 1.

TransGermany, 1.

Stage 1, 1.

Stage 2, 1.

Stage 3, 1.

Stage 4, 2

XCM Albstadt, GER, 1.

Trans Alp mixed category with Carsten Bresser, 1.

Stage 1, 1.

Stage 2, 1.

Stage 3, 2.

Stage 4, 1.

Stage 5, 1

Stage 6, 1.

Stage 7, 2.

Stage 8, 1.

Eurosportsprint with Eje Elgh, Sälen, SWE, 8.

CykelVasan, Sälen-Mora, SWE, 1.

Trans Schwarzwald, 1.

Stage 1, 1.

Stage 2, 1.

Stage 3, 1.

Stage 4, 1.

Stage 5, 1.

Birkebeinerrittet, Rena-Lillehammer, NOR, 1.

Tour de Ardeche 2.2, FRA

GC 6th

Prologue 5th

Stage 1.,  56th

Stage 2, 8th, ITT

Stage 3, 14th

Stage 4, 7th

Stage 5, 2nd

Stage 6, 8th


Golan I RR 1.2, Damascus, SYR 3rd

Golan II RR 1.2, Damascus, SYR3rd

Chrono Des Nations 1.1, Les Herbiers, FRA, 5th


Champ du Feu, France, 15km F, 1st
Pustertaler Ski Marathon, Italy, 28km F, 2nd
Pustertaler Ski Marathon, Italy, 42km K, 6th
Pustertaler Ski Marathon, combination, 2nd
Nordique des Crêtes, France, 42 km F, 1st
Kandersteg, Switzerland, 21km F, 2nd
La Transjurassienne, France, 54km F, 3rd
Albtäler Skating Jet, Bernau, Germany, 20km F, 1st
Urala Frühjahrsmarathon, Münsingen, Germany, 1st

Riva del Garda, Ronda Extrema, Italien, 1a

Valleogra Bike, Schio, Italien, 1a

Offenburg XCM, Tyskland, 4e

Bühlertal Hill Climb, Tyskland, 3e

Merdingen landsvägslopp, Tyskland, 2a

Trans Germany, etapp 1, 2a

Trans Germany, etapp 2, 2a

Willingen XCM, kleine Runde, Tyskland, 1a

Ultra Bike, Kirchzarten, Tyskland, 1a

EM XCM, Montebelluna, Italien, 3e

Zillertal Bike Challenge, Österrike, 1a, etapp 1:1a, etapp 2:1a, etapp 3:1a

Albstadt XCM, Tyskland, 1a

Dolomiti superbike, Italien, 2a

Trans Alp, 1a. etapp 1:1a, etapp 2:1a, etapp 3:1a, etapp 4:1a, etapp 5:2a, etapp 6:1a, etapp 7:3e, etapp 8:1a

Trans Schwarzwald 2a, etapp 1:1a, etapp 2:2a, etapp 3:2a, etapp 4:1a, etapp 5:1a, etapp 6:1a, etapp 7:2a

Birkebeiner rittet, Norway, 1st


Pustertaler Ski Marathon, Italy K, 4th
Pustertaler Ski Marathon, Italy F, 1st
Pustertaler Ski Marathon, combination, 2nd
Nordique des Crêtes, France, 42 km Free style,1st
König Ludwig Lauf, Germany, 50km F, 1st
König Ludwig Lauf, Germany, 50km K, 7th
La Transjurassienne, France, 54km F, 3rd
Riva del Garda, Italy, 2nd
Valleogra bike, Schio, Italy, 1st
Road race, Opfingen, Germany, 1st
Neustadt an der Weinstrasse XCM, Germany, 1st
World Championship XCM, Stattegg, Austria, 6th
Birkebeiner Rittet, Norway, 4th
Furtwangen XCM, Germany, 1st


27.1.2008 Nordique des Cretes, 42 km Free style,1st
23.2.2008 World Championships Winter triathlon, Kniebis, Germany, 5th
16.3.2008 World Cup XCM, Manavgat, Turkey. 1st

Cape Epic, 28.3-5.4,

Pezula Private Estate Prolouge, 1st
Knysna – George, 123km, 1st
George – Calitzdorp, 137km, 1st
Calitzdorp – Riversdal, 133km, 1st
Riversdal – Swellendam, 121km, 2nd
Swellendam – Bredasdorp, 146km, 2nd
Bredasdorp – Hermanus, 130km, 1st
Hermanus – Grabouw, 91km, 1st
Grabouw – Lourensford, 68km, 1st

Overall standing: 1st

20.4.2008 Gunn Rita Marathon, Montebelluna, Italy, 5th

Trans Germany, 1-7.6.2008

Erbach im Odenwald-Frammersbach, 102km, 1st
Frammersbach-Bischofsheim/Röhr, 83km, 2nd
Bischofsheim/Röhr-Oberhof, 98km, 2nd
Oberhof-Bad Steben/Frankenwald, 124km, 2nd
Bad Steben/Frankenwald-Schöneck im Vogtland, 98km, 2nd
Schöneck im Vogtland-Oberwiesental, 78km, 2nd
Oberwiesental-Seiffen, 1st

Overall standing, 2nd

15.6.2008 European Championships XCM, Albstadt, Germany, 2nd
27.6.2008 Kitzalp Bike Marathon, Austria 1st
5.7.2008 World Championships, Villabassa, Italy, 3rd
12.7.2008 Albstadt XCM, Germany, 1st

Trans Alp, 19-26.7.2008

Füssen-Imst, 1st
Imst-Ischgl, 1st
Ischgl-Scuol, 1st
Scuol-Livigno, 1st
Livigno-Naturns, 1st
Naturns-Kaltern, 1st
Kaltern-Andalo, 2nd
Andalo-Riva, 1st

Overall standing, 1st

9.8.2008 Finnish Championships XCO, Rovaniemi, 1st
30.8.2008 Birkebeiner Rittet, Norway 1st
5.9.2008 World Cup Final XCM Ornans, France, 6th
World Cup XCM Overall, 1st


3rd Pustertal Ski marathon, Klassisch, Toblach, Italy
5th Pustertal Ski marathon, Skating, Toblach, Italy
1st Pustertal Ski marathon Overall
2nd Nordique de Cretes, Skating, Markstein, France
1st Italian XCO Winter Championships, Trevignano Romano, Italy
1st World Cup XCM, Gran Canaria, Spain
5th XCO Brescia, Brescia, Italy
3rd Gunn Rita Marathon, Montello, Italy
1st Willingen Bike Festival, Willingen, Germany
1st Waldhaus marathon, Waldhaus, Germany
1st Ultra Bike Marathon, Kirchzarten, Germany
1st Spessart Bike Marathon, Frammersbach, Germany
2nd World Cup XCM, Niederdorf, Italy
1st World Cup XCM, Bourg d’Oisans, France
1st Overall XCM World Cup
1st Rossi Uphill, Freiburg, Germany
3rd World Championships XCM, Verviers, Belgium
1st Finnish Championships XCO, Vantaa, Finland
1st Birkebeiner Rittet, Lillehammer, Norway
1st Finnish Championships XCM, Tampere, Finland
1st La Forestiere, Lamoura, France
1st Schauinsland König Uphill Time Trial, Freiburg, Germany
5th European Championships XCM, St Wendel, Germany


1st UCI World Cup XCM Overall
1st Raid Ardenne Bleue Verviers, Belgium
1st Finnish national Championships XCM Lappeenranta, Finland
1st Birkebeiner Rittet Rena-Lillehammer, Norway
1st UCI World Cup Val Thorens (FRA)
2nd European Championships UEC Chies d’Alpago, Italy
3rd UCI World Cup Villabassa, Italy
1st UCI World Cup Mont Saint Anne, Canada
1st Bike Festival Willingen Willingen, Germany
2nd UCI World Cup Naoussa, Germany
5th The Sea Otter Classic Monterey, California (USA)
1st Pustertal Ski Marathon Classic (Cross Country Skiing), Italy
3rd Pustertal Ski Marathon Skating (Cross Country Skiing), Italy
2nd Hotzenwald Ski Marathon Classic (Cross Country skiing), GER
7th FIS Marathon Cup (Cross Country Skiing), France
3rd Fäboda Loppet, (Cross Country Skiing), Finland
1st Kokkola Town Champion (Cross Country Skiing), Finland
1st Bernau Skating Jet (Cross Country skiing), Germany
1st Trace Vosgienne (Cross Country skiing), France


European Champion MTB Marathon, 1st
World Championships MTB Marathon 5th
Finnish road champion
Other victories 2005:
Dolomiti Super Bike, Villabassa, Italy
Black Forest Ultra Bike Marathon, Kirchzarten, Germany
Marathon Neustadt/ Pfalz, Germany
Marathon Bad Wildbad, Germany
1st Overall Euro Bike Extremes Marathon Series
1st Overall Adidas Evil Eye German Bike Masters Marathon Series
1st Buff Eternal Running (Running) Ibiza, Spain
1st Trace Vosgienne (Cross Country skiing), France
1st Nordique des cretes (Cross Country skiing), France
1st Bernau Skating Jet (Cross Country skiing), Germany
2nd Albtäler Ski Marathon Classic (Cross Country Skiing), Germany


Finnish road champion


Finnish road champion
GP. Fèminin, Quebec, Canada, Overall classification 1st.


Woman Athlete of the Year in Finland
World cup Road Cycling, Fleche Wallone, Belgium 2nd
World cup Road Cycling, Montreal, Canada 1st
World cup Road Cycling, Oberembrach, Switzerland 1st
World-cup Road Cycling, Overall Classification 2nd
Olympic Games in Sydney, Road Cycling, 21st
Giro del Trentino, Italy, 1st Overall Classification, 1 stage-win
Giro d’Italia, 1 stage-win
Giro dei 6 communi, Mendrisio, Switzerland 1st
Giro del Piave, Italy, 1st


World cup, Fleche Wallone, Belgium 6th:
Giro del Trentino, Italy, Overall classification 3rd
Giro d’Italia, 1 stage-win


Fleche Wallone, Belgium 2nd
Giro Toscana, Italy, Overall classification 1st, 1 stage-win
Giro d’Italia, 1 stage-win


Giro Trentino, Italy, Overall classification 1st, 1 stage-win
Finnish road champion


Finnish road champion


European championships in duathlon – juniors, Team Competition 3rd
Finnish Champion XCO


European championships in duathlon – juniors, Königslutter, Germany 4th


Finnish Champion in Sand Castle Building, Childrens’ Cathegory, Hailuoto island

Cyclist in following teams (road):

2002 Sponsor Service Norway
June 2001-October 2001 Team Intersports Canada
1999-May 2001 GAS Sport Team Italy
1998 G.C. Mimosa Sprint Italy
1997 G.C. Mimosa Sanson Italy
1996 Libertas-Technogym Holland


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