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Aspire Aquathlon

Another day, another competiton. Yep, the weekends here in Doha can be very active. It is up to you how you spend a weekend. There are people who love the shopping malls and people who tend to spend their free time here in Doha by doing various sports. I often hear people saying there is nothing you can do here and many of our friends keep on saying that “it must be terrible to live in the desert because you can’t do anything”. You are all completely wrong! Yesterday I had a great morning in Dukhan, today a great morning at Aspire Park participating in an aquathlon (500m swim + 5km run) and I just came back from a kayaking tour with my husband. There is nothing to do? Yes, for active people there is a load of things to do.
Next Friday the Century ride is taking place here in Doha. It is a 100mile bike ride, or if this sounds a bit too long you can do 100km. There is also supposed to be another triathlon on Saturday.
Guess you now are wondering how i did in the aquathlon. Not too bad. I finished 2nd in the women’s category and 5th overall. If you want to have a look at the results, you find it here


Dukhan Triathlon

Folks! I am back! I haven’t been updating my homepage for a long long time. Why? I have been lazy and I have been thinking you might not even be interested to know what I am up to nowadays. Well, I will try to change this and update my homepage on a more regular basis.

After a great summer home in Europe, in Finland, Germany and Switzerland, (I took part in a UCI coaching course in Aigle and became a certified UCI Cycling Coach). I returned to Doha mid September. My work at Aspire Girls Center started right away with some cycling session planning to do. Good to have something to do, especially when it is something you like and enjoy.

So the days have been filled with work and some exercise since that. I still love sports and I how found running to be my new sport. In September it was still a bit hard to go out for a run because of the heat and high humidity. Now it is completely different. It is not hot anymore, it is warm and this makes exercising outside much easier. Enjoyable in other words.

With the winter coming the sports event season starts here as well. I already did a 10-mile run 2 weeks ago. It was quite an experience. The race was at the US Army base and I had to be at the gate 3.30 in the morning. the start was 5 o clock. The car was checked before I could enter the base and a bus picked all the participators up and brought us to the start. The day was indeed interesting, but getting up 2 o’clock was a bit too early. It is in the middle of the night! On the other hand it was an experience that I will not forget and the event was well organized. After the run we were offered breakfast wich made the morning complete.

Today I did a triathlon in Dukhan. Dukhan you find when you drive across the country and before you hit the sea. Probably better known as the Qatar Petroleum area. Dukhan has s beautiful beach with crystal clear water. If you would cross the sea you would hit Saudi Arabia. If you still not know where Dukhan is. Google it 🙂

The swimming leg was in the open sea wich made me a bit worried. I am not really comfortable when 100 starters rush into the water and starts to swim. I have always been ran over and I thought the same would happen today. But no! I got some good advice from my husband how to tackle the first part of the swim and actually I came out of the water in 4th place! Then off for cycling. I have my road bike here, so no problem to take part in triathlons. Not really the best aerodynamic position, but what the heck. It is just “racing for fun” nowadays 🙂 After the cycling leg I was about a minute behind the leading woman. I knew that my running is not too bad and that there is a tiny little chance to pass her. I did and I crossed the finish line as the first, even before any man. This was quite a great moment for all female spectators. Not very often a woman is faster than a man. Also the second position of the day was taken by a woman. So great day for us ladies!

Event for all of you spending Eid in Doha!

When? Friday 11th October, 3pm to sunset
Where? Al Sadd stadium
What? BMX and skateboard


Mountain biking in Torgon, Port du Soleil

Surfing in Qatar

Qatar and watersports-a good combination

Kite surfing will be my new hobby. This weekend I was doing some training on the land with a small training kite. Next step will be to get into the water with a bigger kite. Can hardly wait to get my own kite and board 🙂


Kom med pĂ„ trĂ€ninglĂ€ger 29-30.6!

Kom med pÄ trÀninglÀger 29-30.6!



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