Aspire Aquathlon

Another day, another competiton. Yep, the weekends here in Doha can be very active. It is up to you how you spend a weekend. There are people who love the shopping malls and people who tend to spend their free time here in Doha by doing various sports. I often hear people saying there is nothing you can do here and many of our friends keep on saying that “it must be terrible to live in the desert because you can’t do anything”. You are all completely wrong! Yesterday I had a great morning in Dukhan, today a great morning at Aspire Park participating in an aquathlon (500m swim + 5km run) and I just came back from a kayaking tour with my husband. There is nothing to do? Yes, for active people there is a load of things to do.
Next Friday the Century ride is taking place here in Doha. It is a 100mile bike ride, or if this sounds a bit too long you can do 100km. There is also supposed to be another triathlon on Saturday.
Guess you now are wondering how i did in the aquathlon. Not too bad. I finished 2nd in the women’s category and 5th overall. If you want to have a look at the results, you find it here


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