Back in town

I am back in Doha since 2 weeks. I really needed a break from the life in the dust. Three weeks of winter activities, familiar surroundings and just being in the part of the world where you feel “most home” was exactly what I needed after 3 months of non stop Doha.

In the 2 weeks here there is a significant change. I have finally got my residence permit. I am part of the society now! I should really celebrate this. Just by showing this id card doors of opportunities does open for you. 

What more is going in in Doha in the spring time? IKEA has opened. It was like Christmas for us. Finally some real furniture. You see, arabic style furniture is really not my/our taste, so after 2 months of living in an apartment with hardly no furniture we finally have our apartment furnished. How great isn’t it just to sit at your dining table and sip on your morning coffee…

Some of our friends also has invited us for dinner. Once we had hungarian gulasch and once serbian specialities. The thing I like about Doha is the international atmosphere and having the opportunity to become friends with people from all over the world.



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