Road bike service

Having the beach access closed is a bummer, a mayor bummer. The other day I picked my board from the storage room and happily walked towards our beach access gate. What? Maintenance for a couple days. Well, ok, I will survive not paddling for some days. Now it has been a week, yes one entire week of no paddling! 

So after having done my morning swim + having breakfast with IAM Team Sports director Kjell Carlström, I had made up my mind. Today I would just walk trough the gate with my board. Ignore everyone, just have one goal in front of my eyes. The water. I did not have to get into any war mood and fight my way trough the workers down at the beach. As I showed up I was gently told I should give the board to them, even the paddle. They carried everything down to the water. I guess they would have even carried me if I would have asked. 

Today has been a good day. Not only the morning swim and breakfast with my countryman was great, I even got my road bike to a service. Thank you Cannondale team mechanic for checking my bike, adjusting gears, cranks etc. Now it is all set for another year in the dust 🙂



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