Home sweet home

I will miss Finland. It has been a great week with a few days in Vasa where I visited my uncle and attended a class at the university. My uncle showed me how my new MacBook Air works, which was very helpfull.
The few days I have been in Kokkola included some training. I just can’t stop doing sports. I had to give interviews for two newspapers and tried to answer the question how I feel now when I retired from sports. It feels good, it was the right time to stop. To stop after an Olympic year and head towards new challenges feels like the right thing to do.
I also visited my grandmother, as I always do when I am coming home. I managed to do all the paperwork that is required before moving. So happy I was born in Finland. In our society everything is so well organized compared to many other nation. Even Germany as World Champions in following rules seems to be lightyears away from our effective system. On the other hand we are also only 5 Million people living in Finland compared to Germany’s 85.
So tomorrow I go back to Freiburg for a few days. Time to pack for Qatar.



1 Response to “Home sweet home”

  1. 1 Annie. October 18, 2012 at 3:30 pm

    To be honest, I cannot imagine you (as equal to “any independent” and even more so “female person”) being able to (happily) live over there. Either you chose to hide at home or your decision is to live within this kind of a “parallel universe” that has nothing to do with the country’s very own culture: Shiny, artificial, plastic world.

    At least, there’ll be good career opportunities for him, who’ll be most welcome as to the Worldcup 2022. – If not neccessarily a good job, it’ll be good money in it for sure. Also, no one will be interested in the past.

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