Virus, bacteria, infection..

Sometimes your body doesn’t cope with all the viruses, bacterias and infections that flies around in the air. This is the case at the moment. 11 days ago I had the first sympthoms, a sore troath. I decided to be smart, for once. Rest until it would be gone.
I stayed surprisingly calm. 11 days later I still have a sinus infection. I have always had problems with my sinuses. Antibiotics at this stage doesn’t make any sense to me. So I am waiting that my body will get everything under control again.
Not an ideal situation taking in consideration that the Worlds in XCM is coming up in only three weeks. I have lost two weeks of training and even with positive thinking it is not possible to get back on a good level in only three weeks. This makes me a bit sad, but I will do the best with the time that is left.


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