Skaidi Xtrem

20120901-181906.jpgLast night we were all invited to an ice breaker party. Local dishes were served, such as fishburgers and reindeer meat. It tasted so good. You felt really welcome and it was a great athmosphere. Everyone was already excited about the race the next day, Skaidi Xtrem.
I also had an interesting discussion with Aslak, a Sami, who told me about reindeers and the Sami people. We were supposed to ride on “their land” in the race.
The name of the race explains very well how the race was. It was extreme. Very extreme. It was hard work from the beginning to the end over the fjells in Skaidi. Skaidi is by the way a name in Sami language and means where the river meets. Repparfjord river and Skaidi river meet in Skaidi. The salmon is supposed to be really good in Repparfjorden.
The start of the race was at 11am. In the morning it was raining and also quite cold. I knew it could be cold, we are very far in the north. The area is very similar to Finnish Lapland, so I knew more or less what to expect. So it was no shock for me to to ride over wet moors, sink deep in the moors and try to get through the mud stuff without walking.
We had a lap of about 15km to ride three times. The first lap I rode easy. I did not know the course. The second and third lap I rode faster. I also had a flat tire only 7km from the finish line. I hoped the Latex Milk in my tyres would work but it didn’t, so I had to use an inner tube before I could continue. I fixed it pretty quickly and it was very good training for the next time I will have a flat tire in the race.
After a warm shower and packing my bike we went walking with Wenche for an hour. I wanted to see the beautiful nature. I did not get enough of it in the race. The fall has arrived and the colours are very strong. This has been a trip I will not forget in the first place. We have experienced a lot and met a lot of friendly people.
Hope we will get some salmon from Repparfjord river tonight at dinner..


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