Stage 6, Crespano del Grappa-Trento

Italy won against Germany in Euro 2012. I woke up twice as Italy shot a goal. The crowd on the marketplace where screaming and celebrating. The hotel manager was was very happy the next morning. He made some errors as he wrote the invoice, but noticed it. He told me he was celebrating too much last night, but luckily he still can see and write. Funny person. We rode the 4 km to the start and Carsten had his daily espresso in a cafe before the start. I went to the High Five booth to fill up my bottles and get some energy gels, an every day procedure. The start was neutralized for the 25 first km. It was not stressful at all. I had a good position right behind the car of the race director. As the race went off we climbed a 10 km long climb up to Asiago. I know the area. I lived in Chiuppano in 1998 and this area was my training region back them. Really nice. It was a long day on the bike today. 5 hours of racing and on top of that we rode up to the hotel after the race. I had booked a bed and breakfast, but for some reason, there was a double booking and my reservation was void, as the B&B was full. I received a confirmation, but in such a situation there is nothing you can do. You have to look for something else. The touristinfo gave us a list with phone numbers. To go through that list would take at least an hour. I went online and checked on a hotel website what hotel still might have some rooms free. I phoned a hotel about 7km from Trento. Now I am laying in a bed watching TV. Nice to relax after a day of 160km cycling.


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