Trans Germany, stage 2

That was it. I did not finish stage 2. It is hard to explain how it feels not having any power in your legs. At some stage you just have to accept it. I stoped the first time at km 18 and spoke with Julia and Christian from our team, who were standing at the first feed zone. Julia asked me to continue and I did. I continued pedaling up the climb, but I felt weaker and weaker all the time. So after the next descend I stoped. Sad and disapointing, but health goes first.
At he team truck I changed my clothes and packed my stuff. Christian drove me to Garmisch-Patenkirchen, where I took the first train to Muenchen and from there onwards to Freiburg.
In a couple of hours I will be home. The next days I will make sure that I get well again, recover fully and get ready for the upcoming challenges.


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