Leo Wirth Gedächtnissrennen, Merdingen

Another roadrace on the program. I met with the girls from Team Vita Classica at Freiburg’s meeting point number one, Johanneskirche, at 8 am in the morning. We rode the 20km to the start and there the girl’s teamleader, Mark Schneider,was waiting for them. Once again he was taking care of me as well. He had picked up my number and put the transponder on my bike. Really nice of him and a big thank you to the whole Team for making me always feel so welcome. Such a good athmosphere in is team. This is how it always should be.
I wanted to do something myself and thouhgt I check the tire pressure before the start.  I took the pump, but it was such a weard one, so I manage to break the walve. The only thing I could do was to change the innertube, or Mark did it for me.
We started with some young guys, or your guns. The boys were 16 years or so and some of them are alreay grown up men. Some of them tiny little boys. Such a big difference at this age. I was a bit scared to ride with theese boys, since you never know how they are handling their bikes. Fast were they! So afterwards I saw it as a really good training trying to stay with theese youngsters. They have so much speed in  their legs.
Pretty soon there was a front group with about 15 boys and 3 woman. My good friend Elke from the Italian Team Be Pink and Switzerland’s Patricia Schwager from team GSD Gestion. We know each other well from many races and I think we all were fine with  just watching the boys sprinting on the final stretch. Noone wanted to risk a possible crash. Elke won her “homerace” with me in second place and Patricia in third.

Today I will have a rest day. At the moment I am sitting on the balcony and having a cup of coffee. Such a wonderful and sunny day today. 

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