Le Markstein

I started early this morning to La Bresse. The World Cup in XCO is taking place just across the border, so it was great chance to ride up Le Markstein and down the other side. I only had a shorter 6km long climb to do before I could descend to La Bresse.
I had to pick up a car. Otherwise this kind of a ride is just not possible. As I hit the Vosges mountains it would be time to turn back. If I would have 200km on the program it would be possible, but I can’t rember when I did such a long ride the last time. Must be several years ago.
As I arrived to the hotel where the German national team is staying, I saw my shiny litte Honda car. It was parked beside the German’s truck. Their mechanik Martin had nicely been taking care of my car key. As he saw my bike he said it really needs to be washed. I know! I am just so lazy, and the weather has been so bad, and I haven’t had the time (read: I haven’t had the motivation)….just excuses. You know what he did? He washed my bike for me! Thanks! 🙂 Now it is so clean, so I can only ride it when the roads are dry and the weather is good. So please summer, Can you finally come here to central Europe?

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