Singen XCM

Singen is about 120km from Freiburg towards Bodensee. Every year there is a XCM and even if it is so close to here, I have never been riding it. I think I have always been sick and never made it to the start.
Tim Böhme from Team Bulls grew up in Singen and I was happy to finally get to the start and ride ‘his race’. I was keeping my fingers crossed for him today, because the German’s had their national championships in XCM. I think he finished 6th and he was not too happy about it.
At the same time the race was a pre race for the European Championships in XCM 2013. So a great opportunity for everyone to get to know what they will have to face next year.
I was not allowed to start with the German women, but the organizer had made an own race for us international riders. For me the race today was more about getting a good and hard work out done. I can feel my body is not used to high intensities yet, so this was a great opportunity for it. We started for the 75km race with a big group of men. I don’t know if I should call them leisure time mountain bikers. Some of them are very strong. So I stick to a wheel, lost it. Took the next wheel and got dropped again. I sat there pedalling my bike and was thinking that I really like this feeling when your legs are burning and you fight against yourself wanting to go easier.
The course in Singen is technically not demanding. Still it is a hard course with a lot of up and down all the time The wind can also play a role when it comes to the final race tactics. I liked the race and it was for sure worth a day trip to Singen.


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