El Salvador, Grand Prix GSB

First part of the 100km race was easy riding. From the good riders no one did anything before the climb. We just waited to start the battle. Amber Neben went up in the front and made the pace. It was fast and I could not follow. I continued my pace and with 1km to go I was coming closer and closer to the front group. On the top I had them and Amber told me that the downhill was spposed to be tricky. That would not be a problem, will just follow.
On the top of the climb we were 12 persons, after the downhill we were 8. When I was riding on the road I was never a good descender, but after doing mtb I just feel more comfortable on my bike.
So today I had a good race and good legs. I got 16 UCI points and have now 74 in total. I am very happy, because it should be enough for qualifying to London.


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