Vuelta El Salvador, stage 3+4

I was so tired yesterday after the two stages. I just wanted to stay in the room with the AC on and not go for dinner. After sleeping a night I am still very tired. Gues everyone is feeling the same. It was a hard day yesterday. To be out there in the heat riding two races.
The race in the morning was a 47km long race. We did a lap twice and it was a very demanding lap. No flat parts,only climbing and technical downhills. Had to watch out for the speed bumps as we were descending. They seem to like speed bumps in this country. The start was very fast. The group split up right away in the first climb. I lost contact with a few other girls just before the top, but we were back after the first downhill. The second climb was attacking again. I could follow, but in the third climb the top 8 girls went away. So now I was in the second group.  Noone really wanted to work. So we lost a lot of time. I was still in 9th place overall and sprinted to a 11th place in the third stage.

Now it was time for lunch and then back to the hotel to rest for a while. After only 1,5 hours of rest we went back to the start. There was a 4km long TT. I usually like TTs, but this time I did not find a good rythm. I wanted to go fast, but I couldn’t. So I lost a place in the GC and I am now 10th. I finished 15th in the TT.
Today we have a very long stage, 125km. That means 4 hours out in the heat. I hope I get my legs somehow working.


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