Vuelta El salvador, stage 2

I would have liked to have my MTB up that last climb. 39 x 11-27 was a fight against lactate. It was hurting and the heat did not make things easier. Before we hit the climb we had to do about 70km. Only a few times somebody tried to do a break away. It all stayed together and we started to climb and climb. I have never done such a climb before in any race on the road. Pretty soon we were 15 girls in the front group, but for me it was a bit too fast. I did not want to blow up, especially as I knew that I do not have a 34 chain ring in front as many of the other ones had. I found a good rhythm and was pedaling and sometimes just pushing my pedals down to keep the wheels rolling. It was crazy, at one stage I wanted to get off my bike. I continued and caught up to the group in front of me. I rode with them until the finish and was happy to be on the top. I finished in the second group today. In front of us there was one group, but I don’t know how many riders were in there. I will see the results tonight as we go for dinner.
We always have lunch after the race and today, we ate a a beautiful place with a beautiful panorama over San Salvador. The parking lot with the team vehicles was guarded by armed persons, so our mechanic could join us this time. All the other days he has been watching after our equipment and bags. As we were leaving the restaurant the Brasilians showed me a fruit. Fruta Brasilera. It was a small fruit hanging in a tree. I tried it and they told me I have to spit it out too. Funny fruit It was sweet and tasted good. Looks a bit like a Cherry.
Tomorrow we will have 2 stages. A short stage with only 47 km in the morning and a 4km long Time Trial in the afternoon. I think it will be a lot of attacking tomorrow, because Noemi Cantele lost her jersey today. Means some hard work for the Americans. I will try to be up there in the front and ride an active race and in the Time Trial I will just go as hard as I can. It is practically 2km uphill and 2km downhill.
Now I need some rest, I need to recover from today’s hard stage.


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