Vuelta El Salvador, stage 1

Early wake up, but here it is not a problem. I was awake at 5 again. Did not sleep so well last night, but I just had to live with that. Hopefully the bad night would have no impacts on my performance on the bike.
Once again we were escorted by the police to the start. We signed in and waited. The start was in La Libertad, a beatiful place by the sea.
The race went along the coast. It was not fast at all. I think everyone has a lot of respect for the heat and also there would be a climb up to the finish.
I felt pretty good the whole flat part. I tried to drink and eat as much as possible before we would hit the climb.
It was a bit chaotic as we entered the start of the climb. We rode through a town and the road was suddenly not there anymore. On one crossing there was a part of gravel and it was really narrow. So some girls were going on the sidewalk to pass it, some had to stop and roll slowly over it. The group split up and I was caught behind, had to chase the front group with a girl from Ukraine. We caught up with them and I had time to breath deep before the next attack went. I could not respond in that moment  anymore and had to see six girls get a gap to the group I was sitting in. Stillmanaged to finish in the Top 10, I think.
This was a good start. I felt much more comfortable in the heat today. During the race I was thinking that it is much cooler today. I had to check my bike computer and it was still 40 degrees 🙂

Tomorrow will be a super hard stage. We are trying to find a 34 chain ring for me. The last climb has parts in it with 21%.
Now I will get some rest before it is time for dinner.
Hasta luego!


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