The name of the island, fuerte viento, means strong winds. There are very strong winds! No wonder that this is a surfer’s paradise. The winds make me suffer on my way back to the hotel. The way out is always easy. I am just rolling and enjoying the sun and enjoying pedaling my road bike. There is hardly any traffic on the roads that makes riding your bike feel pretty safe. Also the car drivers are real role models here, they wait until they can pass the cyclist/cyclists and that feels good. I always thank them by lifting my hand. That way they notice that I am thankful for how they act in the traffic.
I am pretty surprised on how easy it has been to change from cross country skiing to cycling. I feel surprisingly strong and riding for many hours causes no problems. I know it from former years. The first week cycling is really easy. Then I usually overdo it and then I get tired the second week. I have to pay for my motivation 🙂 At the moment I am doing exactly the same mistake as every year. But its so much fun to ride in the sun after all these weeks in the cold. So maybe next week I have to change into surfing to recover a bit.


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