Min morgon – My morning

I woke up and I did not feel tired at all. It was only 5.30 in the morning. After laying in the bed for a while I was ready to walk the few meters to the TV studio on Yrjönkatu, in the heart of Helsinki.
Setting the microphone and makeup are the things to be done before entering the studio. With only a few minutes to go, I was ready. The program hostes were Bettina S together with Pekka Haavisto. Pekka Haavisto from the Green Party is one of the President candidates in next year’s elections.
This fall the president candidates have a chance to act hosts in the morning show. I think only one of the candidates, Sauli Niinistö, did not accept the invitation. It is a good way for the candidates to show  themselves off being the one who has to make the questions. Usually they are the ones with the answers.
It was an interesting talk we had during the 10 minutes I was on the show. I would have liked to continue our discussion for much longer, but the time ran out.
Now I am on my way back to Freiburg, the green city in southern Germany. Will be great to be back in the hills and the woods of Black forest. I only wish one thing. I wish it will snow soon! I want to do wintersport!


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