Cyclist of the year and TV time

3 weeks of training in my hometown has come to an end. I am now sitting in the train on my way to Helsinki, our capital city. I am booked on a flight tomorrow morning, but decided to accept the invitation to a TV program, a morning show “Min morgon”. Morning shows are early, so there was only one way to get in time to the studio, to leave the day before. Helsinki is far away, for us Ostrobothnians.
Three weeks seemed to be a long time at the beginning, but I have the feeling I just came and already have to leave. I spent a great time training in familiar surroundings, having a super good swimming hall and especially the people I met during my traninigs gave me always a good laughter. The good sense of humour that we have in Kokkola is know nationwide, maybe also worldwide, who knows? The people who know me, should know that by now 😉

Beside training I also had some appointments with the media. It is part of the work I am doing and I find it very important to work out a schedule that the media appointments fit in the traningschedule. Not the other way around. It should not become stressful, training is the most important thing for us athletes. 

The days home in Finland was filled with a lot of joy and laughter. It was a good time to reload the batteries for the next season. 

Last season was a very good one. I worked hard for the success and was yesterday honured by the title “cyclist of the year in Finland”. This means a lot to me and gives me a lot of energy for next year.


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  1. 1 Sven-Olof Sundstedt November 28, 2011 at 5:33 pm

    Hjärtliga gratulationer till utmärkelsen “cyclist of the year in Finland”! … och ha en bra “hemresa” till Freiburg.

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