Finland time

A year ago I was recovering from a surgery. This year the season was very long and I was happy to put my bike away after the last race. I needed a break.
Usually I don’t survive a day without doing some kind of sports. Sports is like a drug for me. If I don’t excercise I feel bad. When I feel bad I am not nice to the people living close to me. This year was different. I was tired, my body and head needed rest.
The energy I had was put into planing our new bathroom. After the plans were done the renos started. I did the hard job myself. I teard the walls down, which was a very hard physical work. It was like a complete fitness program for the whole body.
When the pros where coming to the building site, I escaped. To
Finland .This year I took some time, or maybe I should say I allowed myself to  spend some time in my hometown Kokkola
I have now been here in my beautiful hometown 1.5 weeks. Normaly the ground is white at this time of the year. This year the warm weather has a great impact also up here i  e north. Now snow in sight.
I don’t really mind that, even if skiing would be nice. The winter will come sooner or later. At the moment I enjoy swimming, in a swimming hall where it is not so crowded compared to german halls. Love it, when I can do my laps without having to pass people. I have the possibility to use the fitness center A big thank you to the whole Sports Club team for that! I have been doing a lot of workouts there alreay and I can feel how much stronger I have become. I have a lot more stability in my body. During the season it is hard to keep the focus on common athletic excercises. There is just not enough time for it between racing and recovering.
I will have another 10 days here in Finland before I head back to Germany. With a little bit luck it will even snow before I leave, then I can do my first kilometers o  my cross country skis already here. We will see


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