Syrian friendliness

I have been following what is happening in Syria already for some time. For me visiting Syria was scary, I was terrified during the first days. I did not know what to expect when I went there. Now I know the people, the country and the culture.
The organization committee with its staff did a great job. Very seldom you take part in an event so well organized as the one in Syria. They had thought about everything, from making the track safe and having the prize giving ceremony following real international standard. The organization committee really deserve a big compliment for their job.
Also the friendliness of the people I met was a true politeness. They were really keen of making sure we were doing fine.
It is actually funny. My first thought after leaving the country was that I will never ever go back. After only a few days I have changed my mind. Finally, you should not mix politics and games. The International Golan races are for sure races worth to be in the international cycling calendar.


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