Stage 2+3

Wake up at 6.30. Oatmeal and coffee for breakfast and at 7am we started to drive to the start of the second stage. A 3,5km long timetrial. I had not decided what bike I would use, my TT bike or road bike. After riding one lap I had already decided. My roadbike would be the bike. Half of the course was uphill and the rest downhill.
A good warm up and I was ready to go full blast. I finished 7th and was very happy with my performance.
The fourth stage was 5 hours later. We had our gazeebo built up and we were laying on the ground and trying to recover from the TT effort. Lunch at 12. I tried to eat some pasta, or better say I forced myself to eat some. Some more rest and off we went for a 97km long  stage.
First mountain and the group blew into peaces. Also the downhills can be very selective. There are many riders riding the complete wrong line into the switch backs. There were also some crashes today. Unfortunately I missed the decisive breakaway with 11 riders, because I did not see it go. I was angry at myself, but there was nothing I could do.
I finished 14th, but lost quite a lot of time. We will see what will happen the next days. Tomorrow will be another hard stage.


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