It was a very long drive from Freiburg to the Ardeche region in France. After sitting almost 8 hours in the car I would have prefered  to jump in the pool here at the campingground where all teams are staying and just take it easy.
But no, there was just enough time to have lunch and get ready for the prologue. It was a short, 2,5km, prologue. The first part was slightly downhill and it finished slightly uphill. Not easy to find the right rhythm.
I started already as the third rider. I was happy to have the thing done early. I could still feel the long drive in my body. I went off the startramp, accelerated, rode around the first 90 degree corner well, started to accelerate again. Now I had this long slightly downhill part in front if me. What do I see just about 70 meters in front of me? A huge black dog running on the course. The organizers started to panic, so did the dog, poor thing. Me riding my TT bike in TT position… I had time to think that these kind of things only happen in Tour de France on TV. I slowed down a little and grapped the handlebar in a normal position, just in case the dog decided to cross the road in front of me. Then I will need my brakes! I pass the dog and start to pedal as fast as I can. I finished 5th! I was so surprised myself.
Today will be a flat stage. I hope it won’t be so hectic. Just want to sit in the bunch and take it easy without having my fingers on the breaks all the time.


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