Cykel Vasan

There are no words to describe CykelVasan. You all might have heard about Vasaloppet, the biggest cross country skiing race in the world with about 16.000 starters. I did that race i  2003. Standing there on a crisp wintermorning with thousands of other cross country skiers is a crazy feeling. You get goose bumps. I had the same feeling yesterday as I started in Cykel Vasan. Amazing!
Only 7 degrees at the start, but as the sun was rising it became warm. Warm indeed. We rode the first climb fast and I managed to sit in the front group for the first 25km. A bit scary with about 100 riders hammering on fast gravelroads. The group split up and I was happy about that. I found a group, that was riding a comfortable pace.
I felt good the whole day. Had good legs and won the mountainsprint in Evertsberg and also crossed the finishline in Mora as a winner. Also became the famous Vasaloppskransen from the “Kransmas”.
For me as a scandinavian this race and winning it is very special. It was a unforgettable moment. Now we have 2 ‘Vasaloppskransar’ in our family. My twinbrother got one some years ago when he won the skating version of the Vasaloppet during Vasaloppsveckan (Vasalopp week).
Friday evening I took part in a team sprint race. A good show that was followed by many spectators. My team mate was Eje Elgh, a former rally driver who took part in Le Mans 24h, Dakar rally and many more rallys. Today he is the F1 commentator on TV. We did a good job and finished 8th. There were 8 teams in total 😉 but it was great fun for both riders and spectators.


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  1. 1 John Oxnard August 31, 2011 at 3:35 pm

    John a TRUE GEORDIE from Newcastle upon Tyne. Having ridden a bike since I was 12 years old I rode the Cykel Vasen this year for the 1st time. I am now 71 years young (could I have been the oldest competitor or at least the oldest UK rider)? and having mainy raced in road racing and time trials in the UK from 1957 until the late 60s. Then into organising big time and officiating nationally inc. 10 years with the Milk Race, I did not really know what to expect with some 9000 riders, thank goodness not all starting at once.
    I need not have had the slightest worry, the organisation went like clockwork. Buses to take thousands of riders from Mora to Salen from 0630 hours the morning of the event. Even the drivers had a smile on their faces. Along with huge articulators to carry bikes SAFELY (Not On Top Of Each Other) and everything numbered. Then the same trucks to carry thousands of rucksacs and all of your gear back to Mora.
    The course so clearly marked and so well marshaled anyone who went off course must have been riding either with their eyes closed or their bandanna had slipped over their eyes. The feed stations out in the forests, in the middle of nowhere had to be seen to be believed, as much to eat and drink as you wanted. I carried 2 pockets with a bundle of food and did not eat one bite (I will keep it for a race in the UK or for the winter on a ride around Northumberland).
    I rode with a friend from the Rembo CC in Avesta they had 9 entrants and all of them finished the course and remember we all did 94kms this year since we started in Salen where the Vasallopet starts. At the finish there were thousands of people watching, then the organisation clicked in again,
    1 Showers, 2 Hose Guns to wash the bikes, 3 Rucksacs in group and numerical order, 4 A help yourself dinner for all competitors. It went on and on.
    I have never been so impressed with the organisation of an event that I have competed in, in my life.
    Next year maybe, but I hope to ride it again in the non-to-distant-future.
    I will never forget it, SO TYPICALLY SWEDISH.
    To the Organisers and everyone involved THANK YOU.
    If anyone wants any details or information just log into “Cykel Vasen 2012 Sweden” but do it soon it will almost be full now.
    I had to use a good friend to organise my entry, Bernt Johansson the Olympic Gold medal Road Race winner in the Montreal Olympics. Thanks again Bernt, you are a good friend.

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