Trans Alp, stage 8

Yesterday I finally was able to go online. Bad news from Norway and this morning a good friend of mine, Nina, told me we have to ride for Norway. With tears in my eyes I agreed with her that during this stage we would think about our people. We Scandinavians keep together in both good and bad times.
The start was neutralized for the first 3km before we hit the first steep climb. Today I had good legs and was spinning up easily the first 9 km. We rode the downhills carefully to avoid any technical problems. The first 45km was a up and down and the last 25km was flat. Some rain during the first part of the course made the course a bit slippery, so I was happy when we hit the last flat part of the course. As we arrived in Riva del Garda the sun was shining. It was the sixth stage win and a GC victory in the mixed category. It was a good week and I am already looking forward to the next races. This year I finished Trans Alp not too tired. That is exactly the way I wanted to.


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  1. 1 Sally July 26, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    Congrats Pia!!! Good luck with your next races 🙂


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