Trans Alp, stage 7

We had such a good hotel in San Martino di Castrozza. They were so friendly and the breakfast was so good. Would have liked to have a couple of croissants and coffee, but I had my bowl of oatmeal once again. Well tomorrow again oatmeal for breakfast and then I will have something else. Funny, all you think about in a stage race is racing and eating. The world doesn’t exist for a while.
The stage was a bit stressful today in the beginning. Short uphills and downhills makes the riders a bit nervous. They want to pass you but are too tired to do it. Must be so careful that nothing happens. Today I did almost a mistake that would have resulted in a crash. It would have been my fault. In a downhill section a gravel road turned into asfalt. A sharp corner and some slippery stuff on the road. I did break, but was just sliding forward. Was so lucky that my bike stopped just in time before I would have hit the rider in front of me. So a few times I had to breath deep. Carsten then went to the front and rode a good speed that kept the other competitors calm. We had one climb today up to 2000 meters of altitude. We were quite a big group on the top and rode together the remaining 60km. The descending was ridden easy and controlled. I was happy that the speed was not too fast. I must say that one week of mountanbiking in the mountains are starting to make my legs feel a bit tired.
One stage to go. Won’t be an easy one. There are some nasty climbs to get over before we arrive in Riva del Garda.


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