Trans Alp, stage 2

Weerberg-Mayrhofen, what a beautiful area it is! From our hotel we had a spectacular view down to the valley with amazing mountains surrounding it all. As you can imagine the stage was not going to be an easy ride. 3 long climbs to pedal up before we finally could descend to Mayrhofen. Today we started very easy. I have a bit respect for the high altitude and we also (read I) wanted to save some energy. For the first part of the first climb Team Vaude joined us. Halfway up they lost contact to us. At that time I felt very strong and the pace was not too fast. Pefect to just sit in that group. The second climb seemed never to end. The third and last climb was also very long and sometimes pretty steep. I was happy when the last downhill started. Carsten is always letting me make the pace uphill. Downhill he is riding in front and showing me the best line to ride. I feel so comfortable with him bringing me safe down the hills. There are no sudden and unexpected moves, he is riding so smooth and I learn a lot from him. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain on our ride from Mayrhofen to Brixen in Italy. Hopefully not. But if that is the case, we just have to take some warm clothes with us.


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