World Championship closing up.

Black Forest Ultra Bike is one of the greatest MTB events of the season. It is one of my favourite races. The organization is awesome and of course it is kind of my ‘home race’. Therefore it was really weird not to participate yesterday.
It has taken quite a long time for me to recover from the European Championships. I think I am not the only one, because many have been complaining about heavy legs and tiredness. I spoke with my coach and we decided to give my body a chance to recover completely and then ‘restart the engine’ with some harder training sessions.
Now I am feeling the way I want to with one week to go until the Worlds. Tomorrow we leave forItalyand Montebelluna.  I will have a few days to ride the course, even if I don’t really have to ride every meter of it. I rode the course in a race already three times, so it is very familiar to me and I like it a lot!
At this point I also want to apologize to all my Swedish and Finnish speaking visitors. I have not have the time to translate the last news into my native languages.



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