Trans Germany, stage 2

Second stage and second victory. It has been hard racing and I do feel the efforts we have done by now. My legs are starting to become a bit tired, but I think everyone are tired by now. The first 2 stages were also very hard with some steep climbing. Tomorrow’s stage will also have a couple of nasty climbs, but on the other hand climbing is my strenght.
Today I started as fast as I could. I was sitting in a very good group as we passed the top of the climb. In the downhill I did my best not to get dropped and managed to stay in the group. The guys are just riding so fast downhill, that is a bit scary I must admit. It was important to have a strong riding group because before the second clmb started we had a flat section to ride. It was fast! I thought I would get dropped, but somehow I just stick to the tire of the man riding in front of me. When the second climb of the day started I had to give up. My legs did not have the power to be in that group. I had some company though, another rider had to give up as well and one guy came from behind.
So stay with them uphill and downhill and pedalling as hard as I could. In the flat parts before the third climb of the day I would have benefits and save some energy.
We caught up to a Norwegian guy. Later in e climb he was dropped, and a few kilometers later I was dropped as well. 20km to go and I was alone. Hoped someone would catch me from behind. Luckily, some riders arrived. So “take their wheel and stay there” was my only tought. It will hurt, but it is the fastest way to the finish line. We were catching other riders so it was fast indeed, and towards the end our group consisted of 4 riders At this point, with only 2 km to go and some nasty and short climbs ahead of me I just kind of gave up. I still fought until the end, but I did not want to kill myself by following the guys anymore.
Today I have the feeling I was dropped all the time from some groups. Think I was riding with half of the peloton at least. Maybe I should take it a bit easier tomorrow and stay in a group which is riding a more moderate speed. Wonder if I can do that? My competetive instinct is just too strong. Well, we will see. I will just go out there and defend my jersey….


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