Bühlertal Hill climb and XCM Bad Wildbad

Bühlertal Hill climb is the third race in the localBlack forestMTB series. In the hill climb mountain bikers and runners can take part. It is a well organized event where competition and leisure sports is combined in an extraordinary way. For me such a race is more about doing a good and hard training and at the same time I can support the local club and their important job by taking part. For most of the people this event is a way to spend their Saturday afternoon. Enjoy the sports atmosphere, do some exercise. Ride up that hill on their bikes or run it. Once you arrived on the top of the mountain you are being awarded in the best way ever. You can enjoy a beautiful view!

I was very satisfied with my performance up the 11,5km long climb. I just finished in under 42 minutes. Tim Böhme from Team Bulls and Uwe Hardter from Team Texpa Simplon were naturally some minutes faster than me, but waited for me and we rode

together down to Bühlertal. A short cool down to spin the legs and get rid of the lactate was a must after such a max effort. The next day I had another race on the program, XCM in Bad Wildbad.

Wake up at 6.30. Oatmeal for breakfast and then we hit the road to Bad Wildbad. Lucikly the start was at 10.30. Finally a race organizer who doesn’t have these super early starts. Thanks for that!

The race started with a 3,8km long start loop. Full speed right from the start and I was fighting to stay in a group of men. The race course continued with a 27km long loop that we had to ride three times. Another thank you to the organizers! It is much more fun to ride a shorter loop several times than to be out somewhere in the middle of nowhere for several hours. Shorter loops makes racing more interesting, for both spectators and riders.

The first loop was fast, but I felt comfortable. I had no problems to stay in the group. Uphill I was feeling very strong.

The second loop we rode a slower pace. Still I preferred to stay in the group, because on the flat parts I was the weakest one. Naturally guys have more power to pedal on flat sections.

The third and the last lap I wanted to ride faster again. Just to see how my body would react. The men I rode with for most of the race could suddenly not follow me on the uphill section. Naturally they caught me again on the flat parts, but that was ok. I was happy to have some company again. Now the speed was normal again, i.e. 50km/h.

It was a good weekend with two great races.


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