XCO Wittnau

It was quite exciting to start in a XCO race. Yesterday I took part in a local race close toFreiburg, which is part of Black Forest Tälercup series. There are a few races organized throughout the summer inBlack forest.  This is a great opportunity to do some short and hard races. Often there are some really good riders taking part as well.

At9 amI rode to the start in Wittnau and picked up my number. Another half an hour warm up and the race started. All were sprinting up the first steep climb and on the top I had a small gap to the other riders. I continued full blast and hoped I would manage to pedal up the super steep climb four times. My aim was to do a really hard ride from the beginning to the end. I knew it would be about 30 minutes of suffering. I managed pretty well to keep myself focused and was really happy after crossing the finish line. This race was the third day of high intensity training and it went exactly the way I wanted it go.

After the race we did a bike tour inBlack forestwith a few friends. We climb up to Schauinsland and rode an awesome trail down to Staufen. It was just a perfect day together with good friends.


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