Looking for snow

Right now I should sit in an airplane on my way to Germany. I did not catch the plane, I bought a new ticket for next week. That means another week here in Finland. There are better training possibilities for me at the moment here in Kokkola. Now you surely are starting to ask questions. Yes, I am a cyclist and normally I would be more than happy to have +15 degrees, dry roads and sunshine. I bet all cyclists in Freiburg region are collecting miles at the moment. So am I, but on my cross country skis.

The reason I decided to stay for another week here in winter wonderland Finland is the fact that my tailbone is broken. Yes, the crash mid January in Pustertaler ski marathon is the reason for this injury. So no cycling allowed for me the next couple of weeks.

Cross country skiing does not hurt. So, Kokkola is the place to be when it comes to get good training done.


Today's photo

My Blog during the 2012 Olympics


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