Rehab starts

Four weeks is quite a long time, but I have amazingly well survived these long weeks without doing sports. Reading books, watching TV, surfing the net, knitting and crocheting made the days pass pretty quickly. A week ago I started to do some short walks. I started with 2km and now I am up to 5 km a day. My heart rate has to stay below 100 and according to my heart rate monitor I have kept this instruction very well. During my walks my heart rate has been between 65 and 85.

Yesterday was the first day I was allowed to do some exercise. I started with 10 minutes swimming. It was a weird feeling to get into the pool and start to move my legs and arms. My brain is still sending this information to the body that it has to take it easy.

I will continue swimming every second day and increase the time spent in the pool. The next step will be to include aqua jogging in the swim training, but I think I have to wait some weeks before starting to do that exercise. I will continue walking and hopefully soon I can use my ski poles and do some Nordic walking.


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My Blog during the 2012 Olympics


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