Trans Schwarzwald, stage 1

First stage of Trans Schwarzwald was ridden in rainy, but warm weather. So it was not so bad. The rain made also the gravel roads more compact and it was easy to ride the downhills with a high speed. The start was very chaotic, due to the fact that we woman started in block D. So we had about 400 riders in front of us and overtaking the slower riders was not easy, even if the first part was ridden on a wide road and uphill.

I felt immediately that my body was not used to compete anymore. It was so hard to get the engine going, so I decided to stay calm and just try to keep everything under control. During the race I felt better and better all the time.

I was sitting in a group of about 10 riders and so was Milena. I tried to attack once in the last longer climb, but without success. I only get rid of some men riders, but not Milena. There was nothing else to do, than to get ready for a sprint. It was actually fun to sprint for the stage victory. On the road I was such a bad sprinter, but I guess the road experience I have helped me a bit to win the sprint and the first stage

There are still 6 hard days to come and a lot can happen.


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