World championships, St Wendel

World championships are starting tomorrow, 9 o´clock. I will not be at the start line. I am very disappointed. World championships are one of the rare occasions where the best riders of the world are all in one race, on one day. And you do not wear your team jersey, but you represent your country, which makes it very special as well. Although I was tired after Transalp, I felt better every day during this week and my form was coming along. On Wednesday evening, we packed the car, ready to leave for St Wendel early in the morning. I already felt somehow strange, had some stomach cramps but didn’t think too much about it. The next day after breakfast, we left to St Wendel by car, but had to turn around after 10 km. My stomach was upside down and I spent the rest of the day between my bed and the toilet instead of checking the course in St Wendel. I feel much better now, even rode my bike today again a little bit, but still feel the lack of energy that the stomach bug has drawn out of me. I do not now how I will spend the day tomorrow, I am very disappointed not taking part in St Wendel. But now I need to look forward to the next challenges, another stage race is coming up soon!


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