Transalp, stage 5

Copyright: Bike TransalpI am so tired! We had a late breakfast in Livigno, because the hotel refused to serve an earlier breakfast. 7.30 is a bit too late when the start is at 9. Even if we only had a small breakfast I could feel it the first climb. Jane Nuessli also was going way too fast for me and for the first hour we were trying to catch them, all the time having them 100 meters in front of us. I hate chasing, especially when I have a shit day.
The next climb was an awful gravelroad. Loose stones, I and still did not feel super good, but a lot more comfortable.
In the downhill I flated. I was thinking the whole time from the start that today is not the right day for having mechanicals. Quickly a new tube and off we went. Caught Jane and her partner still in the downhill. Think I must have switched off my brain for a while as we started to chase.
When we started to climb up Mortirolo we had 3minutes and 20 seconds up to Milena and Heiko. I went as fast as I coudl, wanted to catch them. 5 kilometers later we caught them.
From that moment on we rode together until the finish.
I hope tomorrow will not be such an painful day.  Just hoping I will recover until tomorrow.
And by the way, Mortirolo is so steep. Can’t understand how the pros are riding up that climb with a road bike! I had a hard time making that climb with my mountainbike!


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