The last weeks of cold and rainy weather conditions turned training sometimes into a real challenge. I also caught a flu and have been struggling for a week with a sore throat and a cough. Still I decided to take part in the XCM in Offenburg. I wanted so badly to continue the good start of the season I had.

Start at 8 am and it was still quite chilly. In the first flat part I felt comfortable, but in the first climb I noticed that my lunges where not co operating with muscles. No, panic I thought. Just continue and maybe I will start to feel better. Not long after those thoughts I suddenly lost my pedal. That can really hurt. Think I hit it as my foot suddenly was spinning in the air and hit the ground. Luckily I did not loose the pedal as we were still riding the first flat part. That would for sure have caused a chaos and maybe also a crash.

SO there I stood on the side of the gravel road, asking people passing me if they happened to have a tool with them. Finally a woman stopped and gave me her tool and told me she would continue. I gave it back to her as I passed her and thanked her. It was a really nice gesture.

After 10km I noticed that I was loosing the pedal again. No tools, only my fingers. Had no other choice than continue and stoped and fix it every now and then. I knew that I had some pedals in the car and I would have to ride the 40km there. I was scared. I just thought of a scenario where I would be riding downhill and suddenly loose a pedal. A bit risky.

A new pedal and 35km to go. Now I suddenly could ride more  relaxed and only think about riding hard. Anyway, I had lost so much time during the first 50km  and there was nothing I could do to reach a good placing in the race.

I am happy though, that I never gave up. It would have been much easier to just quit, but quitting doesn’t make you better. This makes me more hungry for success in the next races.


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